Are the old songs too old?

I recently heard from Kim in Nova Scotia, who wrote:  

“I find with times changing and our residents coming to us from a different generation, the songs like “Working on the Railroad” and “Bicycle Built for Two” are not always good choices because they are not as familiar with these songs.  And our staff are certainly from a new generation that was not necessarily brought up on those songs either. 

New challenges lie ahead.  I tease my staff and tell them when I move into the nursing home, they need to sing Ozzie’s Crazy Train or Alice Cooper’s Poison.” 

Here’s what I’m wondering. 

Is this your experience too? Are the old standards still the favorites for sing alongs or is your experience more like Kim’s? 

Let’s talk about this. 

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Kim’s email came in response to a recent newsletter where I published a Top Ten List of my favorite sing along songs. My list is based on my experiences here in Michigan. (In case you missed it, you can find it HERE.) I asked you to chime in with favorite songs from your neck of the woods. I thought you might enjoy hearing from your colleagues near and far, so down below I am sharing a sample of your answers. Based on your responses I immediately added a few songs to my repertoire! 
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