I begin to sing, “Put another nickel in, in the Nickelodeon, all I want is loving you and music, music, music!”

Alice sits at the end of the row with her walker in front of her. She hears the music, pushes to her feet and steps quickly towards me. She takes my hands in hers and begins to dance. Moving in perfect time to the music, she leads me, stepping side to side.

We are singing, we are smiling, we are dancing. We are joyful and we are connected.

Would you like to have music experiences like this with your family or the people you care for? Read on. Singing Heart to Heart is here to help. 

Welcome to my website! I am devoted to helping you bring music back into the lives of seniors. I know first hand the power of music. Each year I lead close to 400 music sessions and I specialize in using music in dementia care. As a career educator, I am passionate about writing, speaking, training and sharing resources. Oh, and I love to sing! With my help, you can learn how to connect, awaken memories and find joy through music.

Join me! These resources are here for you. I'm here for you. 

Mary Sue Wilkinson



"The most important aspect of Songs You Know By Heart is that it is approachable and encouraging for readers with any level of music or caregiving skill."
Rachelle Norman, Soundscaping Source


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Do you care for someone living with dementia? If so, meet Teepa Snow and her Positive Approach to CareTM.  Until there's a cure, there's care. And Teepa can help. I highly recommend her. 

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