Meet Mary Sue Wilkinson

Hi there! I’m Mary Sue; the founder of Singing Heart to Heart and the Young at Heart Music Program. Thanks for stopping by. 

I'm here to help. With my recorded music, my book and the resources on this site, you can learn how to connect, awaken memories and find joy through music. 

My passion for singing with elders started when I sang for my father-in-law who had dementia. He had lost all language but when I sang the hymns he knew and loved, he could sing every word. Perfect pitch. He even added harmony. 

I quickly learned what research is now documenting. Music is a powerful tool - especially for people living with dementia.

I know first hand the power of music. Each year I lead close to 400 music sessions and I specialize in using music in dementia care. I'm a career educator, and a professional musician. I look forward to learning more about what you need and how I can help. Drop me a line!


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"The most important aspect of Songs You Know By Heart is that it is approachable and encouraging for readers with any level of music or caregiving skill."
Rachelle Norman, Soundscaping Source

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“You were wonderful and full of energy! Thanks for inspiring me and encouraging me to better serve my residents with music.”

Kayla, Michigan Association of Activity Professionals

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