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Praise for Mary Sue's work with Seniors

"I have had the pleasure of observing Mary Sue during her sing alongs with the elderly in facilities across Traverse City. Mary Sue has a kind and gentle manner with people of all cognitive levels. Her upbeat spirit can make even a challenging person smile, sing and enjoy the sing along. I am amazed at the effect music therapy can have on people with dementia. Mary Sue is a true gem in our community."
Angel Kelly, R.N. 

"The residents are always wearing smiles when Mary Sue is around. It's rare to find an activity that gets everyone engaged and Mary Sue does that."
Ashley Harris, Activity Director, Traverse Manor

"Jean starts to live in the moment and is carried away by the pure, simple joys of singing. I witness the feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and fear dissipate."
Kim Spencer, Caregiver

"When Mary Sue began singing with my mom and the residents where she lives it enabled my mom to feel empowered and it appeared to give her a lift in confidence that seemed to say "I can do this!" Since beginning with Young at Heart Music I have seen a positive increase in my mom's ability to communicate with me. Because Alzheimer's disease and skill decline can be so cruel and difficult for family members to witness it brings me great happiness to see such joy in my mom's face and mood."
Janet Ruggles, Daughter of French Manor resident

“I come here every day and I’ve never seen him so happy!”

“Your visits are a gift I can give my dad that I know brings sunshine to his day.”

Family members, Cherry Hill Lodge, Memory Care

"Thanks for the wonderful show. Everyone really loves your music and singing. You are an amazing talent."
Jenny Gray, Activity Director, Bay Ridge Retirement Village
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Praise for "Songs You Know By Heart"

"Mary Sue Wilkinson's ability to harness the power of music in the care of those living with dementia is astounding. Her materials are a "must-have" for anyone connected to anyone living with a dementia-related disease. So easy to follow, and everyone (staff and residents alike) just love it!"
Center for Dementia Education, Gainesville, FL

"I play and use your music during all of my Fitness Classes at Cordia Senior Living and the Members love it. Thank you and thanks for all your effort to make a difference."
Terri Hanson

"I went to a client’s home today and brought your CD as a gift because I knew they loved listening to music and our client has middle-severe dementia.  The husband started to play your music and our client perked up and was actually singing the words, she got up out of her chair and gave her husband a hug – it was a beautiful moment! Thank you so much for all that you do and for sharing one of your beautiful gifts with people." 
Melanie Martell, Client Care Coordinator, Comfort Keepers

"My grandfather struggled with Alzheimer's in some of the last years of his life. During that time, it was amazing to witness the power of Mary Sue's music at work. These songs put that spark back in my grandfather's eyes. Even when simple tasks became incredibly difficult for him, Mary Sue was always able to get him singing and dancing. This album will get you doing the same." Savannah Buist, The Accidentals

"It has been absolutely delightful to now have in our possession your new CD. Jean and many of her caregivers use it almost daily. Actually I was considering purchasing another one so that we can leave one in the car. We listen and sing along to the CD as we travel to various appointments, or just for the enjoyment of the timeless classic songs. Many times we listen to the CD during our meals...but I am finding that we are singing with our mouth full of food! Other times we listen and sing along just as an activity. It is always considered a "pick me up" and it brings pleasure to all here."
Kim Spencer, Caregiver

"Mary Sue Wilkinson is an amazing singer who touches the hearts of the elderly. For 4 hours on Wednesday nights I offer my mom respite by "sitting" with my dad who had Alzheimer's. I'm Always seeking ways to connect with him. I'm happy to report that I found an amazing way to connect with my dad through Mary Sue's CD. I was amazed at my dad's ability to name the songs and sing along with the music. It brought such joy to our evening together."
Kelly Beischel, Daughter

"Yesterday we visited my wife's grandma who just stopped chemo and doesn't have much longer. We sang Christmas Carols for over an hour with her. She mentioned your CD with all the old songs on it. One of her favorites was Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree. It's amazing that when you don't have much left you can still enjoy and co-create music."
Andy Evans, Music Teacher and Professional Musician
Praise for Mary Sue's Presentations

"Before a record-breaking, live audience, Mary Sue Wilkinson taught a group of dementia caregivers on the Together in This Empowerment Webinar How to Ensure Success When Using Music in Caregiving.
Mary Sue drew from her real-life experience as a dementia care educator, working in care facilities and homes. She demonstrated practical and easy to follow strategies to better enrich and connect with people who have dementia.
As a talented musician, she sprinkled song into her presentation showing the power music has to motivate and stir emotions. Her energetic spirit was enjoyed by the audience, who left feeling enthused to implement what they learned."

Mike Good, Together In This (

"I learned that music and musical poetry is likely to make a connection with anyone and any age"
"I now have a greater awareness of the value of music"
"I now know how music can reach people who have trouble responding to words"
"It was a wonderful presentation! Mary Sue was very entertaining and informative"
"Love her advocacy for true connection thru music with those who may not be able to communicate. She was   delightful and it was nice to sing together!"
 "As staff, we couldn't help but notice the volunteers smiling more during your presentation; some were tapping their feet to the music, and others looked as though they wanted to get right up and dance! Thanks again for all you do through your beautiful musical talent!"

The Senior Volunteers of Northwest Michigan