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May I help you?

Does this sound like you? 

For starters, you probably enjoy music. Let’s face it. Almost everyone does. 

You may have someone in your life – either personally or professionally – who is living with dementia. 

You could…

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Gold Stars for Goals: Plan Like a Pro Part 2

This week we continue the series Plan Like a Pro. In this series I offer questions for you to ponder as well as some simple advice. Great plans lead to success! Last week’s article focused on Who are the participants…

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Plan Like a Pro: Part 1

I’m wearing my teacher’s hat today. And I’ll tell you up front - I have serious “hat hair.” I spent decades writing lesson plans as a teacher. Along the way I learned a thing or two. 

As a school…

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Folk Songs: Connecting the Generations

Have you ever planned a family gathering, or perhaps an activity where you work, that involved people of all ages? 

It can be challenging right? 

The little ones can’t read or sit still for very long. 


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Let's have a conversation 

I wish I could sit down with each of you individually and talk about the power of music in caregiving. I would make you a cup of tea and we could share experiences and learn from each other. Obviously that…

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Moms, Music and Hospice

Were you fortunate enough to have a wonderful mother? I was. My mom and I were best friends. We had voices that matched perfectly and she taught me to sing. She and my dad loved to dance. Sadly, she passed…

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Are the old songs too old?

I recently heard from Kim in Nova Scotia, who wrote:  

“I find with times changing and our residents coming to us from a different generation, the songs like “Working on the Railroad” and “Bicycle Built for Two” are not

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Ruth and the Chocolate Covered Cherries

The holiday season often finds us visiting loved ones and friends, young and old. Sometimes it can seem like an effort to fit those visits in. We may even wonder if they are worthwhile. I hope today's recollection from my…

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