Chart Toppers: Ten Songs Guaranteed to Get People Singing

I am often asked “What are the best songs for a sing along?”  
That’s not as easy to answer as it may seem. There are personal preferences to consider, the mood in the room, and the energy level of the participants. Most important is knowing at least a little bit about the people you are singing with. 
But there are some songs that never seem to fail. They “top the charts”.  
You want people to sing along? These songs work time after time.  
I lead hundreds of sing alongs each year, mostly here in Michigan. I have a pretty good idea what the favorites are in my neck of the woods. And I’m pretty sure some, if not all, of the songs on my Top Ten list would be well known in most parts of the United States. 
But your list could be very different. Especially if you live outside of the U.S. 
Check out my list and the brief suggestions I offer for how to use each song. Are the songs on my list the same as the ones on your list?

Mary Sue's Top Ten Sing Along Favorites [PDF]