13 Reasons to Sing with Your Grandchildren

My first grandchild, Leon Carter Rose, was born this past week. As many of you know, being a grandparent is just about the best thing ever. I know this to be true from only four days’ experience! 

I can’t…

Three Top Tips for Tuning into Singing: Insights from Finland

By Deborah Shouse, Dementiajourney.org - Guest Blogger

Mom was staring into space, oblivious to my brilliant smiles and cheerful conversation. So I started to sing, just to occupy myself. I chose songs Mom liked, such as Oh What a

Unwrapping the True Gifts of Music

Have you started shopping for the holidays? 
I bet you’d like your gift giving to be meaningful and bring you closer together to the people you love. 
One of my favorite Christmas gifts costs nothing. Better yet, I receive this…

5 Tips for Using Music when Visiting People with Dementia

The holiday season often means visiting with family and friends. Picture this familiar holiday scene: Friends and family you haven't seen in awhile are stopping by. Large groups of people are gathered and lots of conversations are going on at…

Practicing What I Preach

There was the year everyone got stuck in the snow trying to drive up the hill to get to our house. 
There was the year no one wanted to play the game I thought would be so much fun –…

What's on your playlist?

I just returned from a 4 day reunion with 7 of my high school girlfriends. We grew up in Dubuque, Iowa but we met in Colorado in the mountains, where we laughed so long and so hard we could barely…

5 Family Friendly Summertime Jokes- Just Because!

Are you gathering with family and friends over the holiday weekend? Want to be the life of the party? Here are five family friendly, summertime jokes sure to bring on a groan. Because sometimes you just want to laugh!