Are the old songs too old?

I recently heard from Kim in Nova Scotia, who wrote:  

“I find with times changing and our residents coming to us from a different generation, the songs like “Working on the Railroad” and “Bicycle Built for Two” are not

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Love Songs and Tears

Happy Valentines Day! 
It’s the week for love songs! Often these songs are highly emotional and linked to some of our deepest memories. For that reason, I encourage you to be ready to listen. You will no doubt hear some…

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Cultural Humility vs Cultural Competence

By Rachelle Norman, Soundscaping Source - Guest Blogger

I’ve written several posts now about connecting as caregivers with older adults who are from different cultural backgrounds than our own. This is a big task, and as I wrote before…

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Ruth and the Chocolate Covered Cherries

The holiday season often finds us visiting loved ones and friends, young and old. Sometimes it can seem like an effort to fit those visits in. We may even wonder if they are worthwhile. I hope today's recollection from my…

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