HELP! I'm Not a Music Therapist But I Want a Vibrant Music Program

 Have you ever thought: 

"I want to do music but I'm not a music therapist or a musician." 

Maybe you’re a music lover but don’t feel comfortable as a music leader. Maybe you are comfortable singing…but maybe you’re not. 

This week I’m sharing an article I wrote for  Teepa Snow’s Online Dementia Journal. 

Whether you are comfortable singing or not, the following article will help you "do more music." It's full of super practical advice and simple steps.

You’re not a music therapist? You know the value of music but you’re not sure how to get started? Maybe you are comfortable singing and maybe you’re not. I’m here to tell you that you too can provide music experiences that help the people you care for connect, find joy, and awaken memories. Yes, it takes a little thought and some support. But I think you’re up to it. I truly believe that you too can use music to improve the lives of the people you care for. 

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