What's on your playlist?

I just returned from a 4 day reunion with 7 of my high school girlfriends. We grew up in Dubuque, Iowa but we met in Colorado in the mountains, where we laughed so long and so hard we could barely catch our breath. The thin mountain air didn't help!

One of my friends, Robin, had put together a play list of hundreds of songs popular in the early 1970's. OK - go ahead and say it - "I didn't think you were that old Mary Sue!" Thank you. :)

For hours on end Robin's Ipad playlist and Debbie's wireless speaker helped transport us back to our high school years; sparking fond memories, funny memories, serious memories, family memories. We talked about Jr. High dances, we talked about the VietNam war, we talked about the Beatles, we talked about boys and football games and weddings and first dates. We tried to guess who was singing. Was it Joan Baez? Was it Judy Collins? Was it Joni Mitchell? 

We talked about how we want our children to play these songs for us if we are ever unable to access them ourselves. We talked about how we better write down this list so our kids will know how to reach us through the music of our youth. 

I spend my days singing the songs people in their 80's and 90's recall from their youth. I see the happiness it brings them. My trip reminded me that music reaches everyone - all of us. The songs of our youth. 

What's on your playlist?