What Can One Little Person Do?

Many years ago my best friend, Tiyi Schippers, wrote a musical for children called “What Can One Little Person Do.” It is based on the song by the same name, written by another dear friend and children’s musician Sally Rogers
Through the song and the musical, Tiyi and Sally teach the children that each of us can do something. And that all our small actions add up to make this world a better place. 
In this big world, with big problems, it is easy to feel powerless.  
What can one little person do?  

In recent days and weeks, I have seen the heart of our country open up as people reach out and take actions both big and small to help the people affected by the natural disasters in Texas, Florida, Mexico and most recently Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The breadth of the suffering of our fellow citizens is immense and will be ongoing. 
In my own life I know that I can be overwhelmed with worry and sadness about so many things that seem to be out of my control and beyond my reach.  I can barely describe how yesterday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas has left me feeling and the concern I feel for our world right now. Sometimes I just feel like my heart is breaking. 
At times like this I have learned that if I do one small thing to help someone or to address a need I have identified, it helps me keep my perspective, gives me a sense of purpose and even lifts my spirits. I also know that if I do nothing, the overwhelm leads to more worry and depression. 
I believe the old saying “One good deed leads to another.” I also believe that peace begins at home.  
This week I decided to take a small action for a problem I see daily. Obviously this problem pales in comparison to the natural disasters and the recent violence. And taking this small action does not mean I will turn my back on other bigger problems. But it is something within my reach. Here’s the problem. 
Many seniors are losing the beauty of music in their lives because of changes in technology.  
Watch my 2 minute video below to see how I have decided to respond.


Will you join me? Can you help bring music back into the life of a senior? Or can you take some other small action to make this world a more peaceful place? I’d love to hear from you or have you share your actions on my Facebook page, where this article will also appear. 
Thank you for caring. 

From one little person to another, 

Mary Sue

P.S. If you decide to donate a CD player to a senior – send me a picture of them with the CD player and I will send you my CD. Free. It’s my way to say thank you.  And if you happen to live near me and want to donate a CD player, send me an email. I’ll load it with my CD and make sure it gets to someone who needs it. Thanks to my friends who have already taken this step I now have 6 CD players ready to go to good homes! 
P.P.S. Want to learn more about Tiyi? Read about her here. Tiyi and I made a children’s CD called "Ms. Tiyi’s Garden." Find it here. I know you’ll love Tiyi’s inspirational story and related song called “Sticks and Stones.” Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can break your heart.