Unplug and Get Moving: 6 Big Reasons to Download Music and Use Wireless Speakers

Have you ever lost your voice? If you are a singer like me, it’s enough to drive you crazy! Lucky me, I caught whatever was going around and for the last two weeks I have literally not been able to sing.

I’ve learned that using recorded music has some very real benefits.

Case in point - my regular visit with the ladies who live at French Manor. Using only carefully chosen recorded music, we had one of the best music sessions ever – even though I couldn’t sing. With my hands free I was able to lead movements to accompany almost every song. The energy and laughter in the room skyrocketed as we patted and swayed and danced in our chairs. Adding egg shakers for percussion, chiffon scarves for dance partners and straw batons for conducting made for even more fun. So much fun that one of the staff members grabbed her phone to make a video.
One resident at Traverse Manor recently said “I didn’t know we were going to get exercise class too. This is fun!” And she's right. It IS fun! 

So here you go…
6 Big Reasons to “Go Wireless”
  1. You can lead a sing along anywhere -even if you yourself are afraid to sing in front of others. (Note that I didn’t say – even if you can’t sing. Because I think everyone can sing!)
  2. You can use recorded music to get people moving! For seniors who are chair bound, just add simple arm and leg movements to the beat of the music. For more mobile adults– add marching, skipping and dancing.
  3. You can choose from thousands of songs. Enjoy favorites over and over and choose the music based on the mood you want to create.
  4. You can have a music session even when I’m not there! Teepa Snow recommends having music for 10 minutes several times throughout the day for people with dementia.
  5. It’s cheap! Wireless speakers start at about $30 and go up from there. Downloading songs is inexpensive too.  You can download my CD “Songs you Know By Heart” which features 18 favorites that are easy to sing along with for only $10 on my website.
  6. Wireless speakers are small and portable. You can use them anywhere. You don’t even need a power outlet.
Ready to lead your own music session using recorded music? Click here to preview and purchase my CD "Songs You Know By Heart".

Bonus: Click here for a free download of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean and videos to show you how to add movement to the song.